About The Blog

From a Passionate Fan

Mainscream Blog is a passion project started in January of 2022 with the desire

to explain, discover, and disect one thing - horror movies. However, I can assure you

that I am not a film expert, I have never been to film school and I haven't seen all of the

movies that you've seen. Though, what I would like to believe will happen is that you

will read this blog, agree, disagree, ask questions, and discuss with me in the forums the

one thing you and I both love...


How We Review The Movies

I'll typically begin a movie review by addressing the trailer, it's strengths

and weaknesses, and how it changed the way I approached the film.​

After this I'll give a brief summary of the plot.

Then I'll spill some of my thoughts of the movie as a whole

The most calculated part is next. I give it a quality rating (sampled below)

where I'll do a weighted decision making matrix. I'll decide

how important each of the six qualities (suspense, disturbance,

gore, plot twists, and jumpscares) are to the entirety of the film

based on a percentage out of 100. In some movies I may weigh more

on plot as opposed to gore and visa versa.

Later, I'll give concluding statements about how I ultimately felt by the end of the

movie and if it was worth watching.

Finally, I'll give you some information on the film you may have

missed, not understood, or are just interesting to know.