[REVIEW] Jordan Peel's 'NOPE' Trailer

Have you been waiting as long as I have for this? I was going to watch the Super Bowl today just to experience this first and I hate football! Thankfully, it would hit the internet sooner. No worries, its here: the official trailer for the upcoming, Oscar winner Jordan Peele, film, NOPE. This theatrical release reunites Peele with his Get Out star, Daniel Kaluuya, alongside Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun. Really, you loved his two previous horror contributions or you hated them; Nonetheless, I know you're still going to watch this film because the truth of the matter is... everyone is going to be talking about it and as a horror fan, you can't miss out.

Whether you agree with what the guy has to say about todays' sociopolitical climate or not, what I would encourage you to do is watch this film for its artistic appeal. Don't look at what the story is saying, but how its saying it. If we learned anything from Get Out or Us, its that Peele is leaving his stories up for interpretation. So, lets have some fun and interpret what we know so far, shall we?


The introduction gives us a description of the very first motion picture: a collection of photos spliced together for a two second clip of a black man riding a horse. Palmer and Kaluuya's characters stand between a green screen and a camera crew as she eccentrically explains that the man in that motion picture was her great, great grandfather. In addition, they're the only black owned horse trainers in Hollywood. They're shooting a commercial.

As jazz music begins to play, Palmer enjoys dancing to the record with a drink in her hand while Kaluuya, amidst the fields and hills, leans up against his horse and stares up towards a cloudy night sky. The lights begin to dim inside the ranch and the jazz record slows to a halt. Text begins to slowly drop from the top of the screen, "From Jordan Peele".

Kaluuya looks out in the distance towards what appears to be a small town as the whole villages lights go out. His horse takes off in fear. He asks Palmer, "What's a bad miracle? They got a word for that?" Afterwards, many scenes ensue of crowds of people look up into the sky to observe this phenomena which includes a woman who appears to have no lips.

Gusts of wind leap storms of sand towards the sky, what appears to be a flying saucer briefly soars through the clouds, and Kaluuya looks up as a flash of lightning reveals a circular object with a tail of colorful flags hovering above him. A headshot of Palmer appears as she screams "Run!" followed by Kaluuya riding on horseback away from a large shadow peering behind him.

Another shot of a burst of rural sand fills the ranch as Palmer runs out screaming and is sucked up into the sky. The title card, "NOPE" fills the screen followed by the 7-22-22 release date.


I thought Get Out was okay, but I loved Us. For this reason, I don't believe his films are perfect, nor do I hold them to an elevated level of quality. I believe Jordan Peele could make a bad movie, I just don't think he has yet. Therefore, I truly am dissecting these two minutes to tell you only the truth, and I must admit, the trailer is enthralling to watch. The visuals are so beautiful despite how aesthetically dark the scenes can be. The footage seems so raw and real; yet, as if I'm watching a movie in 2032.

Based on that introductory studio scene, I can assume this film takes place in modern time. Palmer's character seems fun and adventurous while Kaluuya's character seems focused and more comfortable with his 'Haywood Hollywood Horses' than people. In classic Jordan Peele fashion, the trailer doesn't unfold the story to us with clarity. In fact, every summary of the film I've read so far is, "The residents of a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery." However, there are many signs that tell us this is, without a doubt, an alien movie.

Many of the scenes where a crowd gazes up at the sky takes place at some kind of event called "The Star Lasso Experience" where at one of the booths, plush aliens and alien costumes are being sold. Now, what aliens and lasso experiences have in common, I'm sure Peele will reveal to us, but upon watching this trailer, I can only assume this small town has come upon an alien species and is making a spectacle of the discovery.

I know that sounds more like a conspiracy, but here's one for you... There's a very brief shot of a disc like saucer skimming through the sky in front of Kaluuya's eyes. What makes this shot so great and ultimately making the movie exciting is that it reminds you of all of those grainy, blurred videos of alien space crafts flying over farmland or distant hills. But, in this video, the images are as clear as day and is without a doubt an unidentified flying object, at least, unidentifiable by the common man. I suppose it could be a military craft since there were no visuals of aliens in the movie... except...

There is a moment that is very easy to miss where the wind blows up the vail of a woman whose teeth are revealing that her lips are no longer present and he neck seems strained or sunken in. Now, despite these features, she looks more womanly than alien. However, the following sequences reveal what looks to be a lizard like creature opening its eye on the tv hinting towards my theory. Next is a bloodied hand with stubby fingers reaching towards a young child's hands with closed fists. Finally, there is a brief moment where an inhuman figure walks behind a picketed fence. The problem with that image is you can only see from about the forehead, up and can possibly just be a mask. Nevertheless, we may or may not have gotten a glimpse of these aliens, but either way, I feel confident in telling you that this is an alien movie.


I am going to try to put myself in the shoes of Jordan Peele and present my extremely far-fetched theory. Although, with Peele is anything too ridiculous? This small gulch discovers an alien species and spacecraft. All of the white people in the community embark on the most ridiculous and dangerous journey with this new discovery while the only black family sees very clear signs for a "NOPE" and warns the town, but no one hears them. I think Peele will play on the stereotype that white people will find out a house in haunted and walk right in while black people will drive on home. Obviously, Peele has never strayed away from comedy so I could see this coming from him.

In the end, I only want more. The trailer brings a sense of wondering hunger that only watching the entire film can cure. If you haven't seen the trailer, watch it. Its well done. Again, whether you like what Peele has to say or not, don't lie to yourself, we'll all be watching this in July.

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